Tera Hertz technology is the latest treatment from the world of advanced healing. Using Terahertz Waves, discovered in the 1980’s to match the vibration frequency of human cells, the therapy helps blood flow with normal healthy cells absorbing the Tera Waves while dormant cells are re-activated. As a result, damaged cells are repaired, leading to improved healing times in areas of trauma and leaving the patient feeling energized. Regular use also strengthens and induces the DNA organic molecules, enhancing self-repairing body cells. THz (terahertz) waves are a form of nonionizing radiation and contain low photon energy, and are strongly absorbed by polar molecules such as water in both gas and liquid states. It shows the depth of Tera Hertz Wave penetration in our biological tissues.

Treatment with the ITeraCare Blower using Tera Hertz technology can:

  • Clear the eight extraordinary vessels of the body.
  • Pass through the twelve main channels of the body.
  • Remove toxins and harmful substances from the body.
  • Remove unhealthy elements that are not natural to our body.
  • Detect potential diseases using a scanning function.
  • Unclog vessels and stasis in the body.
  • Detoxification.
  • Regulate internal organs and the immune system.
  • Replenish the body with Yang aura energy.
  • Repairs damaged cells and tissue.