Dendrobium – No. 1 Chinese Immortality Herb


  • Nourishes the stomach and moistens the lungs​
  • Anti-ageing, combats fatigue​
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Lubricates joints​

Effective in combating fatigue, promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, helping to lubricate joints, nourishing the stomach and moistening the lungs, providing extensive and comprehensive anti-ageing effects on the human body.


Daozhang known as “Taoist Canon” is a treasury collection of all Taoism teachings and books. It includes all the commentaries and expositions of various masters. Topics includes rituals, astronomy and geography, medicine and health care.

Thousand years ago in the Southern areas, when someone’s life was in dire danger, people would have risked their lives to pluck the immortality herb that grew in cliffs, and fed the patient with its juice to save him.

1st among Top 9 Chinese Immortality Herbs, “Gold” of Medicine, Imperial Treasure and Resurrecting Immortality Herb.

Dendrobium is one of the 11 precious ingredients in Stem Cell in Capsule.